Sexy Cheaters…Look who’s bangin’ your Boo.

Hot title from EE… see who’s bangin’ your girlfriend when you’re not lookin’.

Dude I Banged Your Girlfriend

Dude I Banged Your Girlfriend

Evolution Erotica, a studio known for its hardcore, niche titles, once again hits on a pop-culture phenomena:  the cheating girlfriend.

Here are the hardcore numbers:  fifty-four percent of women admit to committing infidelity in a relationship they’ve had in the past.  Plus, the percentage of women who say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught is a whopping 68%. Other statistics show that 80 percent of marriages involve at least partner unfaithful.  So, cheating is clearly on the rise, and dude, your girlfriend is probably doing your best friend right now!

In Dude, I Banged Your Girlfriend, Evolution Erotica explores the kinkier, hardcore side of cheaters.  Starring seven sexy-as-hell chicks, it’s the ultimate fantasy betrayal!

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