It’s the ‘Week of the 2nd Volumes’ — from Evolution Erotica!

3 DVDs out tomorrow from my sister company EVOLUTION EROTICA!

(Van Nuys, CA) February 24, 2010 – The first installment of any new series is a huge deal… but it’s the 2nd volume that proves it’s an adult series that’s here to last!

Streeting this week from Evolution Erotica is Dude, I Banged Your Girlfriend 2, Hey, Nice @*#?! Tits! 2, and One and Done 2, all sexy sophomore efforts from the studio known for it’s naughty niche titles.

All three movies are pretty self-explanatory, but here is a synopsis of each! Dude, I Banged Your Girlfriend 2 is about the… ta-da, the cheating girlfriend. Starring a bunch of sexy-as-hell chicks, it’s the ultimate fantasy betrayal! Hey, Nice @*#?! Tits! 2 is a boob-lover’s wet dream…and One and Done 2 shows you a handful of hotties doing porn for the first time. Once they enjoy the adult world – they’re spent!

All three movies hit stores Thursday, February 25th, from Evolution Distribution (

BUY THEM HERE!!!  Here!! and also HERE!! (teeeeeeeeeeee!) at EVOLUTIONEROTICA.COM!


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