Sunny and Me at AVN…oh and more me at AVN.

A little shameless self promotion never hurt.

i FINALLY got around to looking into last mo’s AVN mag (I’ve been so busy shooting) and I wanted to share some cool pics w/you guys.

AH, it's nice being the king of your own castle.

And here’s me and my girl again… she’s so hot, right!?!?

me and sunny at avn 2010

Check Sunny out in some classics we shot this year, like Masturbation Nation 3 and Boy Meats Girl, and every critic’s fave, KING OF COOCHIE 4, with Sasha Grey. What a combo, dude!

You can purchase any of those dvds by clicking on the titles, above. Help a brother out, man! Lol. Free shipping on Wed, for anything over $50.

(Oh, and here’s a secret — there’s like a special sale each day on something new, where you can add a freebie to your cart… AND mention EVOMAIL for $3 off when you order any of Sunny movies — or any DVDs, from Evolution Erotica Studio. Not too shabby.)

Award-Nominated KOC4, starring Sunny and Sasha. Yum, yum.

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