The Human Sexipede

Yes, first parody!!! Lee Roy Myers and I have teamed up to bring you The Human Sex-ipede!!! Starring: Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Keni Styles, and  Danica Dillan. For more updates follow these Twitter!! @tombyrondvds @KeniStyles @misskacistarr @danicadillan @LeeRoyMyers @Amber_Raynexxx


15 Responses to “The Human Sexipede”

  1. […] of The Big Lebowski and The Office parodies). I suggest you all check out these promo photos for The Human Sex-ipede!!!!…read more ( last updated Aug 9 2010 12:07PM) Porn News – Press Releases: Adult DVD […]

  2. You look cool in a suit and the girls look hot out of theirs.

  3. Tom Seven Says:

    Nice, but will it be 100% medically errect?

  4. […] skinflick stars Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Keni Styles, and Danica Dillan. Hit up filmmaker Tom Byron’s blog for a naughty not safe for work production photo, and dig on the teaser art below. […]

  5. […] out the teaser art below, and if you REALLY want to see this version of the “centipede” click here for a NSFW production […]

  6. I’m going to be reviewing the original film on my podcast next month. Any chance of getting a screener of this film so I can do a compare and contrast?

    • not if he keeps it old school
      cus being like everybody else
      will only kill his fan base…
      got to chill with the parody shit tom

  7. you selling out to the parody BS too?
    will anybody just stick to hardcore?
    the human sexipede is a lame idea
    its no better then a orgy
    (and i dont like that crap)

  8. Your comment is awaiting moderation?
    if you are a “true” supporter of free speech
    then my comment should post without moderation.

  9. […] do pornógrafo Tom Byron revela extamente isso. The Human Sexipede e algumas fotos cairam no seu blog essa semana passada. Quem consegue pensar lésbicas e trenzinho, consegue facilmente pensar numa […]

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